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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AgJobs Bill - Call for Assistance from Dolores Huerta

I received a phone call from Dolores Huerta yesterday afternoon. She asked that we urge everyone that we know in Kansas and Missouri to call or contact Senator Brownback. She asks that we urge him to support the AgJobs Bill

AgJobs stands for: Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act that is coming up for a vote within the next week I have included two articles sent out by the Alianzas email network, fyi.
You can also find info at the Farm Worker Justice page, click here for the link or you can cut and paste the following:

Senator Brownback's Washington Office number is 202.224.6521 His Overland Park Office info is:

Senator Brownback
11111 West 95th
Suite 245
Overland Park, KS 66214

Phone: (913) 492-6378
Fax: (913) 492-7253

To email Senator Brownback, click here , OR if the link does not work you can cut and paste the following address:

A form pops up and you can fill it out and send it. Takes about a minute.

Thank you. -- Rita