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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Comments to KCMO School Board

This evening I spoke before the KCMO School Board and it was a somewhat lonely experience as the hordes of Latinos that I expected to also convey their concerns did not materialize. Granted there were a number of conflicting events today, considering the passing of our local hero, Tony Aguirre and the Community Forum regarding the selection of the next Superintendent held this evening at Primitivo Garcia grade school, in addition to the impressive attendance this afternoon at the Hispanic Caucas luncheon, as well as community appearances before the KCMO Plans & Zoning Committee to get downzoning of the Westside neighborhood.

It is because of all this that there was a dearth of attendance by the Latino community at the one monthly school board meeting where public comments are taken, I am sure. I know that we don't really like to complain, but if we see a need -- we go where we are most needed, and I was there to make the statement so that is all that counts, no?

I am assuming that our community was just too tuckered out to attend one more meeting today and I understand - me vuelvo puras juntas sometimes. So there I stood alone with my prepared statement. I chose not to let it go completely, because I worked very hard on my comments and I was there, so I spoke to the KCMO School Board regarding Latino community perceptions and issues. You can read what I told them, if you want. Si quieres, por favor haz una click aqui to read the text of my comments before the KCMO School Board on 3/22/06.

Thought that it was important to follow through on my committment and to do something, other than just grumble among ourselves. I appreciate your comments and / or encouragement. These are my statements, not a COHO position, although the items I have noted have been said frequently in our community and I did note my position as a member of COHO in my comments. Just wanted to update those who were unable to attend, I know that you would all want to know what I said. I felt and knew that my community was there with me in spirit.

The next COHO meeting will be held on Friday, April 7th at 8am at the Tony Aguirre Community Center, 2050 West Pennway, KCMO. We have a number of presentations -- the agenda and minutes will be posted next week.

Por favor traen recuerdos del Senor Aguirre, si los tienen. Hasta luego!