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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Un Dia Sin Hispanos

March 24 is Un Dia Sin Hispanos - part two. This is another effort that is being taken across the country to highlight the contributions of Hispanics and to counteract some of the vicious and meanspirited legislation that is being considered in Washington and across the country. Legislation that is being introduced under the guise of keeping the USA safe from terrorists.

Tomorrow's activities follow a similar effort which took place on March 10th in Washington, D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles as well as other cities across the country. Please note the picture on the bottom of the flyer whose link I am attaching. This flyer has been circulating in our area and lists the rationale for the nonviolent demonstrations. To view this flyer, please haz una click aqui

Locally, this is not an organized effort, although it has been announced in public forums and in the media. However, there are at least two rallys and/or peaceful demonstrations that have been planned.

At 9:30am in the KCK Argentine neighborhood, a march is planned on Strong Ave, and later, at Emerson Park, a gathering (rally) is planned at 11:30 also in the Argentine neighborhood of KCK.

This information is being posted for informational purposes. Hay que dar apoyo a nuestra gente! We express our support of the most recent arrivals to our community.