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Friday, July 28, 2006

August 2006 COHO meeting Agenda and Minutes

August's COHO meeting will be held next Friday, August 4th at the Argentine Community Center, 2810 Metropolitan Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101 at 8am. Our featured presenter is Tom Dugard, President & CEO, Heart of America United Way. He will discuss the volunteer opportunities that are available for Latinos with United Way, as well as the new 211 initiatives of HOA United Way.

Scheduled announcements / mini presentations, thusfar, are 1) Ruben Rodriguez, President, of the NE chapter of the National Latino Peace Officers Association; 2) John Fierro, Executive Director of the Mattie Rhodes Counseling & Arts Center; and 3) Issac Ruffin, Midwest Transplant Network.

Gabriela Flores, COHO Treasurer, will chair the meeting in my absence.

Hasta luego! -- Rita &:)

PS: To view the agenda, haz una click aqui ; to view and download minutes of June's meeting, haz otra click en la palabra Minutes