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Monday, April 03, 2006

COHO - Friday April 7 2006 at Tony Aguirre Center

This Friday's (4/7/06) COHO meeting will be held at the Tony Aguirre Community Center, 2050 West Pennway, KCMO at 8am. Por favor traen recuerdos de Tony, si you have some.

Haz una click aqui for the minutes of the meeting held on 3/10/06 at Penn Valley Community College. Speakers lined up for the meeting include the local American Red Cross; Traci L. Weishaar, Speakers Bureau Coordinator, Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures; Jackie Melgoza, Jewish Vocational Services; and possibly American GI Forum National President. Also plans for Hispanic Day in Jefferson City will be presented by Elida Cardenas!

Committee reports will be kept to a minimum, les prometo. I promise.

Vote Tomorrow! Okay? I will look for you all at the polls. I am thinking of taking names of those who don't vote and posting them on the blog, hmmmmm.....Hasta luego!