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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Check school closings 12/1/06

The COHO meeting tomorrow morning 12/1/06 at Argentine Community Center is still scheduled. However, snowy weather is expected to continue. If snow accumulation is as heavy as expected, tomorrow's meeting may be postponed.

Please note: we will not hold the COHO meeting tomorrow morning, if the KCMO School District schools are closed.

Please check the school closing and delay alerts before you head out to the COHO meeting tomorrow morning. Thank you and be safe. Hasta luego y ten cuidado!

Monday, November 27, 2006

December COHO meeting -- KCK

Hope that you all had a happy Thanksgiving and are at peace with the leftovers.

Just a reminder that December's COHO meeting will take place at the Argentine Community Center, 2810 Metropolitan Avenue, KCK at 8am this Friday morning, December 1, 2006.

Our featured presenters are Julie Porter and Michael Snodgrass who will tell us about LISC's NeighborhoodsNOW project in the Greater Kansas City area.

I have received one request for announcements, if you are also interested in making an announcement, please contact me at To view the minutes of last month's meeting, please click here. To view the agenda for December's meetingaiy, haz una click aqui.
Two COHO members are sponsoring fundraisers this weekend:

El Centro, Inc is sponsoring The Baile de Justicia at the Armory, 100 South 20th St., KCK, this coming Friday 12/1/06 at 7pm. To see the flyer haz una click aqui.

APOYO will hold a fundraiser at Rudy's Tenampa, 1611 Westport Rd., KCMO this Saturday 12/2/06 from 1pm - 4pm, for more information, click here.

Hasta luego! -- Rita