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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

COHO July meeting postponed


The COHO Board had determined in the middle of June to cancel July's meeting, this was at the onset of the current furor over the recent Mayoral appointment. That issue and other ancillary issues have been much discussed in the media. Please feel free to send your thoughts by email on what has transpired thusfar. I have received much anonymous hate and voice mail on the topic of illegal immigration, as well as several talk radio bashings - it would be nice to hear about this from people who sign comments and leave call back numbers and their names. This experience has been very illuminating.

As an aside, I would like to express congratulations to John Fierro on his appointment as the first Latino as President of the Parks & Recreation Board.

That being said, I am taking a break this week and fulfilling family duties as the Mother of the Bride. My daughter is getting married on Saturday, so this week is becoming more than hectic - especially with the holiday. Back to normal next week, ok?

The COHO Board had determined that the next COHO meeting will be August 3rd at Argentine Community Center. Susan Stanton, Interim CEO & President, has agreed to give a 15-20 minute update on formation and transition of United Way of Greater Kansas City, effective July 1, 2007 by merging four United Ways.

UMKC has also asked that Dr. Karen Dace, Deputy Chancellor of Diversity and Grace Hernandez, Director of Affirmative Action address the group in August.

I have also heard from a few members regarding presentations and issues that should be presented to the COHO members and supporters.

Joe Arce and Bernardo Ramirez, members of the KCMO Mayor's Economic Development and Incentive Task Force, have indicated that they would be willing to receive and present ideas and concerns from the Latino community regarding the City's efforts to develop an economic development and incentive policy. You can find more information about the task force at:

Christina Belsito, an intern for the U . S. Hispanic Leadership Institute, has asked that we assist her in her goal to get at least 1,000 Kansans or Missourians registered to vote this summer. I know that all COHO members and supporters are registered and vote, but if you interested in helping her, please print out the appropriate state application, have those you know who aren't registered, fill it out and mail it to her at: 6516 Aberdeen Rd , Mission Hills, KS 66208. Haz una click for Kansas or Missouri She was recently featured in Dos Mundos, to see that article click here

Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance (KCNA) is sponsoring a leadership development program called Building 21st Century Leaders geared towards grass roots leaders, those who would like to lead and leaders looking to be more effective. There is no charge for the course, the skills you learn translate well into other facets of life also. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in signing up please visit their website

If you have any other items you would like me to disseminate next week or if you would like to sign up to make a presentation/brief announcement at August's meeting, please feel free to forward the info to me by return email.

¬°Feliz dia de la independencia! Happy Fourth of July!

Saludos, Rita

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Howard Zinn, American historian, author, professor and political activist, b. 1922