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Monday, April 03, 2006

Vote tomorrow -- Su Voto Es Su Voz!

Tomorrow is an election day and there are issues too numerous to list facing the good, hardworking, overly taxed people of our community -- It has long been our policy to not endorse any particular candidate or issue -- I simply want to highlight the following words of one of my favorite local bloggers:

"While Latinos in Kansas City face issues like immigration, job discrimination, abandonment by the KC School District, affordable housing shortages and ugly clothes (local political clubs and other groups) are busy working on behalf of Billionaires. It's a sell out of epic proportions . . . Like when that damn talking Chihuahua started working for Taco Bell." --

I don't always agree with this blogger on everything he writes, his approach can grate, sometimes he slams people that I like and hold in high esteem (they know who they are) and I wonder, sometimes, where he gets his ideas and opinions -- pero he makes me think y, Ay si, good looking clothes are hard to find and the dog really bugged me!!!

Vote tomorrow, Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 especially if you live in Jackson County, MO.

Su voto es su voz! Your vote is your voice! Use it and use it often. - Hasta luego!